A Community Approach to Health and Wellness

We are Developing a Health Ecosystem for Community Members to Analyze, Store and Share Microbiome Data.

Take control of your health by understanding the biological communities that make you....You.
Know your personal ecosytem

Our genome encodes ~23,000 genes and the microbial communities (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses) interacting with us encode ~1,000,000 genes. The 39 trillion microorganisms that make up your personal microbiome consist of symbiotic, commensal and pathogenic microbes that constantly influence your health.

Research demonstrates tissue-specific microbes that inhabit us directly impact a range of clinical manifestations, such as autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, cancers and psychological disorders.

Personalized Health Resolved

At Orneon Health, we focus on you as an individual to provide actionable results for the next generation of consumer health and wellness. We provide home sampling kits to monitor respiratory, gastrointestinal, and reproductive health.

Our advanced pan-genome workflows examine the communication between you and the microbial communities that directly impact your health, your personal microbiome.

We examine the expression of your genome and your microbiome (bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) to identify changes in your health status at various life stages.

Your Health Community at your Fingertips

Analysis and storage of your pan-genome data occurs on decentralized computer networks and actionable results, including recommended precision therapies, are provided via user-friendly gene network visualization tools. 

Our wellness app will allow community members to share health data with others and connect their personal health community.

Who We Are.

Our multidisciplinary team of system biologists, data scientists, mathematical modelers, and health care professionals are dedicated to providing the next generation in health and wellness. We specialize in monitoring human health at the individual level by characterizing your microbiome communities to generate actionable results on your health.

We focus on developing sample collection workflows, data analysis software, and mathematical models that can detect changes to your health to enhance disease prevention.

Take control of your sensitive health data

At Orneon Health, you own and control your health data. Our permissioned community network is decentralized and provides the ultimate security for data storage and sharing. Since your health data is not stored in a centralized database or controlled by us, it cannot be hacked, stolen, or manipulated.

Our data encryption algorithm ensures your health data is highly secure, but easily accessible by you to gain insights into your health status. Community members can retrieve their health data at anytime using a private key that decodes the encrypted health information. 

Orneon Health Community Ecosystem

At Orneon Health, we are not developing a company. We are building a community network to generate, analyze, store, and share health data.

Our platform enables members to share health data with other community members, healthcare providers, insurance companies and third party applications to ensure their microbiome data improves their health and well being.

Want to help build our community network? Contact us to join the health revolution.
Stanley Langevin, PhD
Co-founder and Chief Architect

RAIN Incubator
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